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Top 10 NHL Left Wings 2023 Rankings

Ranking the best NHL Left Wings such as Alex Ovechkin, Kyle Connor, Kirill Kaprizov and more as Jason Robertson leads the way in the 2022-2023 NHL season


By admin | March 26, 2023

For the longest time, it felt like you would hear and read only about centers. The winger would only get mentioned if they were playing in another galaxy.

Now that script has kind of flipped, and there is a plethora of amazing talent on the wings, waiting to light the limp from a goal or an outstanding pass. Here are the top ten left wings in the NHL for 2023.

Honorable Mention

Johnny Gaudreau

Team: Columbus Blue Jackets 

Out of all the places Johnny Hockey could have signed with, he chose Ohio. Not New Jersey, not New York, Ohio. He left beautiful Calgary, while cold, for Ohio.

Alright, enough bagging on Ohio, it is a wonderful state with an exciting up and coming hockey team. Gaudreau has played 62 games this season, scoring 17 goals and 48 assists for 65 points.

Top 10 NHL Left Wings

10. Alex Ovechkin

Team: Washington Capitals

What else is there to say about The Great Eight? He is closing in on Wayne Gretzky, well below the 100-point lead. If he can score just like this for two more seasons, he will catch up and surpass The Great One.

This season, Ovechkin has played in 67 games for the Caps and has certainly lit the lamp. So far this season, Ovi has 41 goals and 30 assists for 71 points.

9. Jamie Benn

Team: Dallas Stars 

It wasn’t too long ago that the GM of the Stars voiced his displeasure in the amount of money Jamie Benn made and his production on the ice.

That can be tempered this season. The Stars are fighting for the top in the west this season, and Benn is a big part. In 72 games this season, Benn has 31 goals and 40 assists for 71 points.

8. Jeff Skinner

Team: Buffalo Sabres 

Well, Jeff Skinner is certainly back to his old ways! He never really played below average, but this season he has found an entire new level to play on.

Now on his fifth season with the Buffalo Sabres, Skinner has 68 points in almost as many games, above a point per game player. So far, he has 30 goals and 38 assists. He will certainly be a lynchpin for this young Sabres team going forward.

7. Kevin Fiala

Team: Los Angeles Kings 

There was no shortage of disappointed players on the Nashville Predators when Fiala was traded to Los Angeles. In hindsight, the first-round pick and Brock Faber did more good for the Preds going forward.

Fiala is currently in his first season with the Los Angeles Kings and the Kings are looking like contenders. So far in 66 games this season, Fiala has scored 22 goals and 46 assists for 68 points.

6. Steven Stamkos

Team: Tampa Bay Lightning 

Stamkos, after years at center, has found himself on the wing. He seemingly found a natural fit in his new position. The long time Tampa Bay captain has been on fire this season. So far, in 72 games this season, 30 goals and 44 assists for 74 points.

5. Kyle Connor

Team: Winnipeg Jets 

In 2019, it looked like Connor might not return to the Jets because of contract disputes. In September of that year, he signed a seven-year $50 million contract.

The Jets have been a really good team this year and Connor is a big reason for that. He has played in 73 games this season and has scored 28 goals, 46 assists for 74 points.

4. Kirill Kaprizov

Team: Minnesota Wild 

I have a hard time believing this is Kirill the Thrills third season in the NHL. Kap was a force in the KHL, winning a Cup and multiple All-Star nods.

Kaprizov is a bonafide sniper in the NHL and has established himself as such. 65 games played this season, 39 goals and 35 assists for 74 points. It is a miracle he was able to get out of Russia, and I am glad he did.

3. Artemi Panarin

Team: New York Rangers 

Another KHL stud coming across the pond and looking for a Cup. Funny thing about Panarin is that Tarasenko told the Blues they should bring him over, he ended up a Hawk. He was never drafted by an NHL team.

The Rangers are merely inches from a Stanley Cup, and Panarin is going to help them get there. So far, in 72 games this season, Panarin has scored 24 goals and 58 assists for 82 points.

2. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

Team: Edmonton Oilers 

There was a time when RNH was the guy in Edmonton, the new prospect, the new center. Since then, he has found himself sliding over to the wing as the Oilers get better around and with him. 

This season, RNH has more than exceeded his previous career highs. So far this season, RNH has 33 goals, a career high, and 55 assists. He has 88 points so far this season.

1. Jason Robertson

Team: Dallas Stars

It really seems like Jason Robertson came out of absolutely nowhere, but he is currently in his third season of NHL play. Robertson scored a career high 79 games last year, and he his completely eclipsing it this season.

Thus far, in 72 games this season, Robertson has scored 41 goals and 80 assists for 91 points. There is no reason why he won’t break 100 points this season and why he is the number one player in our ranking.

How would you rank these NHL left wings after the 2022-2023 season? Rank below to be added in the Power Rankings.

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