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Top 10 NBA Point Guards 2023 Rankings

Ranking the best Point Guards of the 2022-2023 NBA season as Luka Doncic leads the way. Also where Kyrie Irving, Ja Morant, Damian Lillard and more rank


By admin | February 27, 2023

The 2022-2023 NBA Season has been rolling along as the schedule rolled into the 2022-2023 NBA All-Star break. For NBA players and NBA teams the break in play will provide some relaxation and rest while preparing each for a stretch run down the stretch.

With the second half of the 2022-23 NBA schedule set to tip off, the time is perfect to take a look at the top performing point guards in the NBA landing on the Top 10 PG in NBA 2023 rankings list. A list that is loaded with talented point guards including NBA MVP candidate Luka Doncic.

As Doncic looks to get back on the floor after missing time before the NBA, the Dallas Mavericks point guard is playing as well as any point guard in the NBA during the 2022-23 NBA season.

However, Doncic is just one of the many point guards playing at a high level this season. A group of point guards that includes the Portland Trail Blazers All-Star point guard Damian who is having a huge bounce back season.

Other top point guards performing at a high level this season include Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander of the Oklahoma City Thunder, and Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks. Here is a look at the Top 10 NBA Point Guards 2023 Rankings.

Honorable Mention

Jamal Murray

Team: Denver Nuggets

Just missing the Top 10 NBA Point Guards 2023 rankings list is the Denver Nuggets veteran point guard Jamal Murray.

After missing the 2021-22 NBA Season, the Nuggets point guard has returned at a high level this season while playing a key role in the team’s success while entering the NBA All-Star break in first place within the NBA Western Conference.

Through 45 games played this season Murray is currently averaging 20.2 points per game while adding 4.1 rebounds and 5.8 assists per game.

In addition, his leadership and ability to make plays has helped deliver the team an additional weapon to pair with reigning NBA MVP Nikola Jokic.

Tyler Herro

Team: Miami Heat

One up and coming point guard that continues to develop into one of the NBA’s top point guards is the Miami Heat’s point guard Tyler Herro.

Herro who was drafted by the Heat with the team’s 13th overall pick during the 2019 NBA Draft has taken his game to a next level in each of his first four seasons.

His production on the floor includes averaging at least 20 points per game in each of the past two seasons to go along with at least five rebounds and four assists per game.

The Heat’s point guard has been hot in February increasing his production to 23.6 points per game to go along with 5.4 rebounds and 5.2 assists per game compared to his season averages (20.6 ppg, 5.7 rpg, 4.4 apg). 

Top 10 NBA Point Guards

10. Jalen Brunson

Team: New York Knicks

Coming in at number 10 on the Top 10 NBA Point Guards 2023 rankings list is the New York Knicks point guard Jalen Brunson.

Brunson, who was one of the hottest commodities during the NBA offseason has proven his talent and abilities to be a top tier point guard.

The former Villanova Wildcats point guard is currently averaging career highs in points per game and assists per game while having the Knicks holding onto a playoff spot within the NBA Eastern Conference. Brunson currently ranks 8th in points per game, 17th in rebounds, and 12th in assists among NBA point guards.

9. De’Aaron Fox

Team: Sacramento Kings

One of the biggest surprises around the NBA schedule in 2022-23 have been the Sacramento Kings. Yes, the same Sacramento Kings who have not landed a playoff spot since the 2005-2006 NBA Season.

One player who is helping to push the Kings to a playoff caliber team is De’Aaron Fox who is playing at an extremely high level during the 2022-23 NBA schedule.

Fox is currently averaging 24.8 points per game to go along with 4.3 rebounds and 6.2 assists per game. Meanwhile the Kings point guard has played at a high level on the defensive end of the floor while also turning in 1.3 steals per game.

8. Darius Garland

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

Another young point guard taking his game to the next level during the 2022-23 NBA Season while helping his team contend for the NBA playoffs is the Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Darius Garland.

Garland, who was selected by the Cavaliers during the 2019 NBA Draft has helped the team to a 38-23 overall record to start the season while holding onto the fourth spot within the NBA Eastern Conference.

The former Vanderbilt Commodores point guard is a game changer who looks to get his entire team involved on each play while running the Cavaliers offense. His play on the court this year has produced 21.7 points per game to go along with 2.7 rebounds and eight assists per game. 

7. Kyrie Irving

Team(s): Brooklyn Nets, Dallas Mavericks

It has been an interesting year for Kyrie Irving after dealing with off the court issues as well as team issues holding him back from producing night in and night out.

However, after producing at a high level while on the floor this season the Brooklyn Nets elected to trade Irving to the Dallas Mavericks.

A move that will now team Irving up with Luka Doncic while forming one of the best point guard tandem in the NBA.

While it is interesting moving forward with how the team will use the two together as Doncic has been out dealing with an injury. On the year Irving is averaging 27.2 points per game to go along with 5.1 rebounds and 5.4 assists per game.

6. Tyrese Haliburton

Team: Indiana Pacers

Since arriving in the NBA during the 2020 NBA Draft, Tyrese Haliburton has showcased his ability to be a top tier point guard.

After being acquired by the Indiana Pacers during the 2021-22 NBA Season, Haliburton finished the season averaging 17.5 points per game to go along with nearly 10 assists per game (9.6).

That success has been surpassed during the 2022-23 NBA Season as the Pacers point guard is averaging a career high 19.9 points per game to go along with 10.1 assists, 1.8 steals, and 3.8 rebounds per game.

Haliburton has posted 26 double doubles this season while also posting eight different games with at least 14 assists. 

5. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Team: Oklahoma City Thunder

Rounding out the top five on the Top 10 NBA Point Guards 2023 rankings list is the Oklahoma City Thunder’s point guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

As the future is looking bright for the Thunder the former Kentucky Wildcats star is one of the best scoring point guards in the league while ranking 5th in the NBA in points per game this season while averaging 30.8 points per game to start the season.

While his ability to score is at a career high, the only thing holding him back from a higher ranking among the list is the lack of assists that a traditional point guard posts. 

Gilgeous-Alexander is averaging 5.7 assists per game while ranking 18th among NBA point guards entering the NBA All-Star game.

Nonetheless, the Thunder point guard is a game changer at the position while being the team’s key offensive threat.

4. Ja Morant

Team: Memphis Grizzlies

As you look around at the best point guards in the NBA, Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies ranks among the best while also getting the consideration from fans, experts, and fellow NBA players.

With Morant leading the team the Grizzlies currently sit at 35-22 on the 2022-23 NBA Season while holding the 2nd spot within the NBA Western Conference.

Morant is currently averaging 27.3 points per game to go along with six rebounds and 8.3 assists while helping the Grizzlies play at a high level all season.

3. Trae Young

Team: Atlanta Hawks

It is hard not to like the Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young who is one of the best facilitators in the NBA and one that has true court vision to get his teammates involved.

While Young is only averaging 26.7 points per game this season, his ability to get his teammates involved has outweighed his own production on the floor.

Young ranks 2nd in the NBA in assists per game while posting 10.3 per game, while ranking 1st among all NBA point guards. Young is averaging 26.7 points per game to go along with 2.9 rebounds, one steal, and those 10.3 assists per game.

2. Damian Lillard

Team: Portland Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers point guard has ranked among the best point guards in the NBA since arriving back during the 2012 NBA Draft.

As an injury slowed him down last season, Damian Lillard has returned to his old form while averaging a career high 31.4 points per game this season.

In addition, Lillard ranks among the top in rebounds per game (4.3) and assists per game (7.3) among all NBA point guards through the 2022-23 NBA All-Star Game.

His play on the field has come from a career high 46.7 shooting percentage from the field while shooting 37.2 percent from behind the three-point line.

1. Luka Doncic

Team: Dallas Mavericks

In at number one on the Top 10 NBA Point Guards 2023 rankings list is the Dallas Mavericks All-Star point guard Luka Doncic.

Doncic, who is one of the multiple contenders for the 2023 NBA MVP Award is playing the best basketball of his short NBA career this season.

The Mavericks point guard is currently leading the NBA in scoring while averaging 33.3 points per game. In addition, Doncic ranks 1st in rebounds among all NBA point guards while averaging 8.8 rebounds per game and 4th in assists per game with 8.1 assists per game.

How would you rank these NBA Point Guards in the 2022-2023 NBA Season Rankings? Rank below to be added in the NBA Power Rankings. Stay tuned by the links below for the best shooting guards and more up next.

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