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Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks of 2021

Where Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, Josh Allen, Tom Brady, and more of the best Quarterbacks rank going into the 2021-2022 NFL Season


By Brandon Walker | July 20, 2021 - 07:38 AM

Top 10 Quarterbacks

  1. Ryan Tannehill

Team: Tennessee Titans

2020 Stats: 3,819 YDS, 33 TD, 7 INT, 59.4 Cmp%, 106.5 QB Rating

Tannehill has turned his career around since he came to Nashville in 2019. He has thrown for 55 touchdowns to 13 interceptions in the past two seasons. It remains what he will do sans Arthur Smith who has moved on to be the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, be he has been just as important as Derrick Henry for the Titans Success.


  1. Baker Mayfield

Team: Cleveland Browns

2020 Stats: 3,563 YDS, 26 TD, 8 INT, 62.8 Cmp%, 95.9 QB Rating

Mayfield rebounded from his sophomore slump in 2020 by cutting his interceptions down from 21 in 2019 to eight last season. First-year head coach Kevin Stefanski did a real nice job developing his strength with his run-first offense. If he finally develops chemistry with Odell Beckham Jr. then in 2022 he will be higher on this list.


  1. Justin Herbert

Team: Los Angeles Chargers

2020 Stats: 4,336 YDS, 31 TD, 10 INT, 69.2 Cmp%, 98.3 QB Rating

Herbert set rookie records in completions (396), and passing touchdowns (31). Now, he will have a new left tackle in Rashawn Slater, and a new center in Corey Linsley to protect him and continue his development.


  1. Josh Allen

Team: Buffalo Bills

2020 Stats: 4,544 YDS, 37 TD, 10 INT, 66.6 Cmp%, 107.2 QB Rating

Last Season, the Buffalo Bills won its first division title since 1995 with the rocket arm of Allen. He has developed his passing touch and will continue to get better in year four, especially with the addition of Emmanuel Sanders.


  1. Lamar Jackson

Team: Baltimore Ravens

2020 Stats: 2,757 YDS, 26 TD, 9 INT, 64.4 Cmp%, 99.3 QB Rating

I believe this will be the year that Jackson will take the quantum leap as a passer, like the aforementioned Allen. Greg Roman has new weapons at his disposal in Sammy Watkins and first-round draft pick Rashod Bateman.


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  1. Matthew Stafford

Team: Los Angeles Rams

2020 Stats: 4,084 YDS, 26 TD, 10 INT, 64.2 Cmp%, 96.3 QB Rating

Stafford will be on by far the most talented team that he has been on and playing for the best coach he has played for. I believe that working with Sean McVay pundits will finally give the long-time Lions quarterback his respect for carrying an awful franchise for over a decade.


  1. Russell Wilson

Team: Seattle Seahawks

2020 Stats: 4,212 YDS, 40 TD, 13 INT, 68.8 Cmp%, 105.1 QB Rating

Wilson seems to get better with age and at 33, I think that he will win his first MVP if he can lead his Seahawks to another Division championship. The Seahawks added former Pro Bowl guard Gabe Jackson to fill a hole on their always leaky line.


  1. Tom Brady

Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2020 Stats: 4,633 YDS, 40 TD, 12 INT, 65.7 Cmp%, 102.2 QB Rating

Seven Super Bowl Rings!!! Need I say more? Brady at 44 should start to decline at some point, but I don't foresee it in 2021 with the cast of talent he has at disposal in Tampa.


  1. Aaron Rodgers

Team: Green Bay Packers

2020 Stats: 4,299 YDS, 48 TD, 5 INT, 70.7 Cmp%, 121.5 QB Rating

Rodgers will report to the Green Bay Packers at some point and when he does then he will prove to the Green Bay Packers brass that he deserves the respect of the organization, or he will heighten his trade value in 2022.


  1. Patrick Mahomes II

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

2020 Stats: 4,740 YDS, 38 TD, 6 INT, 66.3 Cmp%, 108.2 QB Rating

Mahomes will have a new sense of motivation after Super Bowl 55. The Kansas City Chiefs improved the line with Orlando Brown Jr. and Joe Thuney. Mahomes has had the best start to a career for a quarterback in NFL history and I feel that he will have a season similar to 2018.

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