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Top 10 NBA Greatest Power Forwards of All Time Rankings

Ranking the best Power Forwards of all time in the NBA such as Elvin Hayes, Tim Duncan, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and more.


By admin | August 14, 2021

Top 10 Power Forwards of All Time

10. Dennis Rodman

Team(s): Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks

Career Stats: 7.3 Pts, 13.1 Rebs, 1.8 Ast

One of the best rebounders of all time, Rodman was a part of the bad boy Pistons, winning  two championships there before helping Michael Jordan and the Bulls to their second three peat.

Rodman has often attracted attention to his life off the court, but Rodman remains an elite rebounder and a great NBA player. He made the All-Defensive First Team seven times, Second Team once, and All-NBA Third Team twice. 


  • 2x All-Star (1990, 1992)
  • 2x Defensive Player of the Year (1990-1991)

9. Bob Pettit

Team(s): Milwaukee Hawks, St. Louis Hawks

Career Stats:  26.4 Pts, 16.2 Rebs, 3 Ast

Pettit joined the NBA in 1954, being selected by the Milwaukee Hawks. His twelve years in the NBA landed him 11 all star appearances, as well as two MVP awards. Pettit also won a championship in 1958 with the St Louis Hawks, defeating Bill Russell and the Celtics in the finals.


  • 11x All-Star (1955-1965)
  • Rookie of the Year (1955)
  • All-Star Game Most Valuable Player (1956, 1959)
  • Most Valuable Player (1956, 1959)
  • 3x All-Star Game Most Valuable Player (1958 – 1959, 1962)

8. Kevin McHale

Team(s): Boston Celtics

Career Stats:  17.9 Pts, 7.3 Rebs, 1.7 Ast

McHale is a Celtics legend, having been a one team man during his playing career. He was the perfect help to Larry Bird, so became a three time champion with the Celtics, as well as being a seven time all-star. Mchale may not have had the statistics like others on this list, but he deserves his place on this list.


  • 7x All-Star (1984, 1986-1991)
  • 2x Sixth Man of the Year (1984, 1985)
  • 11x All-Star (1984-1991)

7. Elvin Hayes

Team(s): San Diego Rockets, Houston Rockets, Baltimore Bullets, Capital Bullets, Washington Bullets

Career Stats:  21 Pts, 12.5 Rebs, 1.8 Ast

Hayes was the first overall pick in 1968, and became a twelve time all star during his time in the league. A career 21 PPG scorer as well as 13 RPG.

Hayes showed his versatility throughout his time in the NBA, leading the league in scoring in 1969, before leading it in rebounding a year later.


  • 12x All-Star (1969-1980)
  • Scoring Champion (1969)

6. Charles Barkley

Team(s): Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns, Houston Rockets

Career Stats:  22.1 Pts, 11.7 Rebs, 3.9 Ast

Sir Charles was an incredible player, considering being small for a power forward at 6ft 6. Despite hits, Barkley won MVP in 1993, beating out Michael Jordan to the award. The eleven time all star was unlucky to never win a title. He did win gold with the dream team, but could never quite reach an NBA title.


  • 11x All-Star (1987-1997)
  • All-Star Game Most Valuable Player (1991)
  • Most Valuable Player (1993)

5. Karl Malone

Team(s): Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Lakers

Career Stats:  25 Pts, 10.1 Rebs, 3.6 Ast

Malone was another player who was stopped from more championships due to Michael Jordan, but Malone has an incredible individual resume.

He made 14 All-NBA teams and 4 All-Defensive teams which were mostly first teams in his amazing career. Malone was an excellent scorer, finishing his career on 25 PPG.


  • 14x All-Star (1988-1998, 2000-2002)
  • 2x All-Star Game Most Valuable Player (1989, 1993)
  • 2x Most Valuable Player (1997, 1999)

4. Kevin Garnett

Team(s): Minnesota Timberwolves, Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets

Career Stats:  17.8 Pts, 10 Rebs, 3.7 Ast

The “Big Ticket” certainly lived up to his name, being one of the most exciting players to watch in the NBA. Garnett developed a mean reputation, and his dominance in the paint helped the Celtics win the title in 2008. Garnett was a fifteen time all-star, and won the league’s MVP in 2004.


  • 15x All-Star (1997-2011, 2013)
  • All-Star Game Most Valuable Player (2003)
  • Most Valuable Player (2004)
  • Defensive Player of the Year (2008)

3. Giannis Antetokounmpo

Team(s): Milwaukee Bucks

Career Stats: 28.1 Pts, 11 Rebs, 5.9 Asts, 1.3 Blks (*Still Active)

Giannis has nowhere near the experience as all of the other players on this list, but he is set up to move up even further this list throughout his career. The “Greek Freak” is already a two time league MVP, a champion and finals MVP.

He has five all star appearances to his name despite being only 26 years old. Giannis is already challenging some of the all time greats on this list. It would not surprise me if he goes even further.


  • 5x All-Star (2017-2021)
  • Most Improved Player (2017)
  • 2x Most Valuable Player (2019, 2020)
  • Defensive Player of the Year (2020)
  • All-Star Game Most Valuable Player (2021)

2. Dirk Nowitzki

Team(s): Dallas Mavericks

Career Stats:  20.7 Pts, 7.5 Rebs, 2.4 Ast

Dirk is easily the greatest European player of all time, and his killer shooting for a man of his height is something every NBA team looks for.

A former MVP, Dirk defied all of the odds in 2011 to defeat the Miami Heat’s “Big Three” and win the Mavericks their first and only title. I think Dirk will be very happy to have chosen basketball over tennis before his career started.


  • 14x All-Star (2002-2012, 2014-2015, 2019)
  • Most Valuable Player (2007)
  • Finals Most Valuable Player (2011)

1. Tim Duncan

Team(s): San Antonio Spurs

Career Stats:  19 Pts, 10.8 Rebs, 3 Ast

Duncan is the most accomplished of any of the players on this list, part of why he has to be first. The five time champion also has 15 all star appearances, to go along with being a two time MVP and a three time finals MVP.

Duncan was the centrepiece of an incredible dynasty, winning titles with the Spurs in three different decades. Duncan is a role model, on and off the court. He deserves this number 1 spot.


  • 15x All-Star (1998, 2000-2011, 2013, 2015)
  • Rookie of the Year (1998)
  • 3x Finals Most Valuable Player (1999, 2003, 2005)
  • All-Star Game Most Valuable Player (2000)
  • 2x Most Valuable Player (2002-2003)

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  1. Kevin Garnett

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  2. Giannis Antetokounmpo

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  3. Dirk Nowitzki

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  4. Tim Duncan

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  5. Dennis Rodman

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  6. Bob Pettit

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  7. Kevin McHale

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  8. Elvin Hayes

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  9. Charles Barkley

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  10. Karl Malone

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