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Top 10 Featherweight Boxers of All Time Rankings

Ranking the greatest Featherweight Boxers in the history of boxing such as Willie Pep, Salvador Sánchez, Sandy Saddler, and many more


By admin | January 17, 2022

Before moving on to the rankings, let’s talk about some honorable mentions. 

Honorable Mention

Johnny Dundee

First of all, Johnny Dundee was one of the best featherweight boxers in the 1920s and held the NYSAC featherweight title. He also had a lot of success at super-featherweight. 

Kid Chocolate

Kid Chocolate was a Cuban boxer, who was active in the 1930s, and he held the NYSAC and The Ring featherweight titles. He also deserves an honorable mention. 

Top 10 Featherweight Boxers

10. Juan Manuel Márquez

At number 8, we have Juan Manuel Márquez from Mexico. The former professional boxer was active between 1993 to 2014. 

Over the course of his career, he won 9 major world titles in 4 different weight classes. He held the  WBA (Unified) and IBF featherweight titles and also briefly became the WBO interim featherweight champion. At super-featherweight, he held the WBC title. 

Juan Manuel Márquez retired with a record of 56 wins, 7 losses, and 1 draw. 

9. Alexis Argüello

Starting off the list, we have Alexis Argüello, a Nicaraguan professional boxer who competed between 1968 and 1995. 

He is a three division world champion, holding world titles at featherweight, super featherweight and lightweight. He is the former lineal featherweight champion, and also held the WBA and The Ring featherweight titles. 

Alexis Argüello retired with a boxing record of 77 wins and 8 losses.

8. Naseem Hameed

Prince Naseem Hameed was a British Boxer, who competed between 1992 and 2002. He was one of the biggest stars of his time, and one of the most successful champions as well. 

He has held world titles in two different weight classes, and at featherweight, he held the WBO, WBC, IBF, and IBO world titles at different points. He was also the lineal featherweight champion between 1998 and 2001 and had a total of 15 title defenses. 

Naseem Hameed retired with a boxing record of 36 wins and 1 loss. 

7. Vicente Saldivar

Coming in at number 6, we have the former Mexican boxer, Vicente Saldivar. He was active between 1961 and 1973. 

Saldivar was one of the best southpaw fighters in the featherweight division, and also became the  WBA, WBC, and The Ring featherweight champion, defending the titles 7 times. He was also recognized as the undisputed featherweight champion of the world

Saldivar retired with a boxing record of 37 wins and only 3 losses. 

6. Sandy Saddler

Sandy Saddler was an American Boxer, who was active between 1944 and 1956. 

Saddler was a two-time world featherweight champion, and also held the undisputed world title between 1950 and 1957, during which time he defended the undisputed title twice. 

Saddler retired with a record of 144 wins, 16 losses, and 1 draw. 

5. Marco Antonio Barrera

Marco Antonio Barrera was a Mexican boxer who competed from1989 to  2011. 

Throughout his boxing career, he held world titles in three different weight classes. He was the WBO junior featherweight champion, the unified WBC and the Ring Featherweight champion, and the unified WBC and IBF super featherweight champion as well. 

Marco Antonio Barrera retired with a professional boxing record of 67 wins and 7 losses. 

4. Abe Attell

Abe Attell was an American boxer in the early 1900s, and he was one of the longest-reigning featherweight champions of the time. 

Between 1900 and 1917, he had 154 fights, and after winning the world featherweight title, Abe Atell defended it 20 times. 

Atell retired with an unofficial boxing record of 110 wins, 17 losses, 25 draws, and 2 no-contests.

3. Johnny Kilbane

Johnny Kilbane is a former American boxer and he makes it in our list at number 3. Kilbane was active between 1907 and 1923, and to this day, is the longest-reigning champion in the history of the featherweight division. 

He was the world featherweight champion, and also briefly held the  NYSAC featherweight title. Kilbane retired with an unofficial boxing record of 110 wins, 17 losses, 15 draws, and 1 no contest. 

2. Salvador Sánchez

Salvador Sánchez is a Mexican professional boxer, who competed between 1975 and 1982. 

Over the course of his career, he had a total of 46 fights at featherweight. He became the unified WBC and The Ring featherweight champion in 1980 and defended his titles 9 times. 

He retired without losing his titles, with a record of 44 wins, 1 loss, and 1 draw. 

1. Willie Pep

At number one, we have the one and only Willie Pep, who is known as one of the best boxers in the world, and was especially recognized for his footwork. 

Competing between 1940 and 1966, he became the unified world featherweight champion twice, with 9 title defenses as well. He competed at featherweight for most of his career, which spanned 241 fights. 

He retired with a boxing record of 229 wins and 11 losses. 

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