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Would The Wall & Beal Duo Have A Better Start?

Could John Wall and this version of Bradley Beal be more successful?


By sunday umoh | January 11, 2021

Bradley Beal just led the Washington Wizards tonight to a win against the Phoenix Suns 128 – 107. Beal scored 34 points and was pretty much done by the end of the third quarter as they were beating the Suns by 26. Beal is fresh off a 60 point game before he sat out because of Covid-19 protocols. He is currently averaging 35 points a game making him THE LEADING SCORER IN THE LEAGUE (I explain my emphasis on this later). With that being said the Washington Wizards are still under .500 with a record of 3 – 8. The majority of blame goes to Coach Scott William Brooks but he deserves his own 300 – 800 word article. Some of this blame of the Wizards faults goes to Russell Westbrook.


The reason why I emphasized Bradley Beal being the leading scorer in the league right now is because when it comes to the Washington Wizards people barely bring up Beal. They bring up Russell Westbrook and his triple doubles. Those triple doubles as impressive as they are, are not really that impressive as I thought it would be. It is a great feat to pull off but it is not leading to winning games like I thought it would. Russell Westbrook is leading the league in turnovers at 5.3 and shooting 37.8% right now. It seems his explosiveness is gone because he isn’t attacking the basket. He isn’t playing good defense and all this could be due to his injuries but should it really affect his decision making when it comes to bad passes, taking ill advised shots, and lapses on defense? National and local media tell fans that don’t watch the Wizards that Westbrook should be praised for his triple doubles so that means he is not the reason that they are losing but that is the total opposite if you are watching the games. Westbrook plays a significant role in their losses. Bradley Beal is the one carrying this team, the one leading them to victories (two without Westbrook), and needs the praises he deserves. 


Which leads to the trade that took place before the season started. It’s still early in the season but how would this team look if it still had John Wall? The reason the Wizards organization pushed out was that John Wall is coming off a serious injury and the team didn’t want a slow start. Well, John Wall looks like he is playing like nothing happened for the Houston Rockets. The Wizards org pushed that he may not be the same. Well, Wall looks to be just as fast as before. The Wiz org pushed that he may not play back to back. Well, Westbrook doesn’t play back to back and he is playing injured. John Wall looks to be shooting better than before as well. So I wonder would this team have a better start with Wall and this version of Bradley Beal? I believe the Washington Wizards would be at .500 or slightly below because Coach Brooks is possibly one of the worst coaches in the league. It is still better then what we have now.


Again, it’s still early so I think Westbrook should take all the time he wants to get healthy as much as possible because I don’t think Beal wants this version of him. Where would you rank Bradley Beal in the Shooting Guard Rankings? Rank below to be added in the Power Rankings and to have a chance to win a gift card to Amazon or Contest Ending January 31st.

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